Marco Setiadi

Senior Advisor



Senior Advisor, Marco, is not your average recruiter. Besides selling a pair of women’s swimming shorts to Sting (Gordon Sumner), he is always on the lookout for professional candidates who can help Sales HQ’s clients achieve their goals!


Starting his career as a at McDonalds as a teenager (which he claims to be the “hardest job ever”), Marco then moved on to develop a strong career in sales and recruitment before joining the Sales HQ team to become one of the best recruiters in the fintech industry! 


Let’s hear from Marco himself…


Are you a night owl or early bird, and what do you love about being the one you are? 

Both. Time is super valuable and I always want to maximise my day even to the detriment of my sleep.


When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Indiana Jones, I wanted to unearth amazing archaeological finds and fight bad guys. 


What are the three things on your bucket list which you haven’t yet experience/achieved?

Do the Trans-Siberian railway, go to Hobbiton (New Zealand), watch the northern lights.