Nick West

Senior Advisor



Nick West is not only a senior advisor at Sales HQ but also our self-appointed CMO (Chief Music Officer). Bringing out the beats that make everyone feel like they’re sipping Mojitos by the pool or at a rock concert, he never fails to keep a strong energy in the office!


Having a whole lot of experience in recruitment behind him, Nick believes that becoming an extension of a business and a personal advisor for his candidates is what is needed more within the industry. That is what makes him such a valuable member within the Sales HQ team.


Let’s pick Nick’s brain a bit more…


What’s one of your proudest achievements? (Personal or work) 

Appointed CMO (Chief Music Officer) at SalesHQ


What would your dream day be if money was no issue? 

100 ft Yacht off the coast of the Mediterranean – Fully stocked with seafood, meats, cheese wine ect.. With a few close friends


What’s your go-to karaoke song? 

Al-Green – Aint No Sunshine