Walta Kazzi

Advisor / Investor



Walta is the wise owl of Sales HQ, full of knowledgeable advice and is always sharing articles and videos on self-improvement. Go check out his LinkedIn! His influential presence in the office motivates the team to work hard and get things done. And if you’re lucky you might even catch him in his much-loved flamingo shirt!


 The 3 principles which he lives by, are also worth noting down:

No# 1 - To build strong relationships with like minded people who strive to make a difference socially or in business. 

No# 2 - To always add value to others first and that's how I create value for myself. 

No# 3 - To constantly operate outside my comfort zone.


What’s one of your proudest achievements? (Personal or work) 

Selling my prev company to an ASX listed company


What’s the most ridiculous fact you know? 

If we killed off all insects in the world, humanity would only survive for 20 yrs. 


What would your dream day be if money was no issue? 

Drive the world's top 10 fastest cars around the most beautiful race track in the world. Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.